16 March 2014

Review: Her Dirty Boss by Sadie Koening


Her Dirty Boss

Author: Sadie Koening
Series: Her Dirty Boss, Book #1
Genre: Erotica, Adult Fiction
Publication Date: January 29th, 2014
Format: ebook
Pages: 23
Alice has just turned 18, and finds herself in an incredible position.
While her friends are toiling away in college, Alice is working directly beneath her handsome, sexy, older boss. In more ways than one.
After stumbling upon a dirty rumor that turns out to be fact, Alice has two options: forget about the whole thing or try to use her new found information to further her career.
Until it all backfires.

What. did. I. just. read!?!?!!

Okay, so I completely understand that while reading a book there will be an unrealistic thing or two that take place, but this novella takes the cake!! An 18-year-old working for the CEO of a large marketing company and has no college background? REALLY!? Does that even happen? So not realistic at all, maybe it should have been written that she was doing an internship instead?
"At 18, life wasn't easy in corporate."
You think? YOU'RE 18!!! Of course it's not easy. And then, this part just kills me.
"I stared at my boss, 40-something, and imagined him with his clothes off."
Alice, you're 18. Incase you didn't get the memo that is a big NO-NO!! Her boss is the CEO of a marketing firm, someone please enlighten me on what CEO would hire an 18-year-old that wasn't in school to work for them. And it just keeps getting better...
"In my dream I met up with him after work, his cloying cologne filtering into my nostrils, and his suit fitted perfectly against is muscular body. It seemed wrong, he was so much older than I was, it ask seemed like he had so much experience. Where I fumbled and shook, he was confident and powerful. He guided me, it was wrong, but so right."
I don't even know what else to say. Alice's coworker tells her about a black riding crop that Alan keeps in his desk drawer, and she asks him about it and this leads to them having sex. Overall, this was a disappointing read and it's a series I will most definitely not continue reading. I tried, I really did but this book just wasn't for me, I also think this should have been titled Dirty Alice instead!!
My rating: ★★/5

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